a birthday reflection on how times have changed for the better

Five years ago, I had an awful birthday and to me it marked the start of a three-year stint of depression. If I could pinpoint where my struggle with mental illness came to rear it's ugly head, flashing signs would point to this event. I know it sounds stupid and over-dramatic at first, a birthday being… Continue reading a birthday reflection on how times have changed for the better


24 things i’ve learnt in 24 years

  It's so, so important to open your heart and express your feelings when you are struggling to those around you. Don't keep it all bottled up, things will only get worse and worse. Talking about your mental health is the first step to getting help. Be brave and let go. Talking to my dissertation… Continue reading 24 things i’ve learnt in 24 years

i wish horror movies still scared me

  When I was a very little kid I would get nervous at the sight of anything with the tiniest hint of uncanny valley or creepyness. Shop mannequins would make me feel uneasy - especially those with realistic faces. That Simpsons episode where Mr Burns gets drugged up and the whole of Springfield thinks he's… Continue reading i wish horror movies still scared me

uni results, dyspraxia + e3

Where have I been? Honestly not doing anything really that interesting. I'm just enjoying the feel of being a summer bummer and the release of not being crushed by a wall of pressure because of uni. I've been going to the gym, hanging with pals, dog walking, playing games and movie marathoning. It's bliss. It's… Continue reading uni results, dyspraxia + e3

over the garden wall, sleepyness + mae borrowski

(Isn't my little ghost bud in the header cute? I got him last Halloween and honestly he is my fave purchase of last year) Today, my brain is fried. I can physically feel my eye bags clinging like weights. I had the crappiest sleep last night. I am usually used to running on low sleep,… Continue reading over the garden wall, sleepyness + mae borrowski

a few of my favourite things pt. 3

the smell of old library books in their crinkling plastic cover    my boyfriend singing badly to cascada on roadtrips   hot chocolate + marshmallows + a shitload of cream   Aberfeldy, Dunkeld, Pitlochry and the surrounding area   gingham summer dresses   when bluebells and snowdrops sprinkle the forest floor   rope swings  … Continue reading a few of my favourite things pt. 3